Have a crazy idea
to make Amsterdam
more Awesome?

Every month we give someone a €1000 grant
to realize a crazy brilliant idea for our city.

Give me my money ;)

What we do


Give people €1000,- to realize their idea! Every month we host a get-together where you can pitch your awesome idea. We open up our network, give feedback and choose the most awesome idea who gets the grant. In the proces you get a taste of entrepreneurship and increase your skills. It’s that simple. Want to see previous ideas we funded? Check it out here. Do you think your idea is crazy enough? Apply!

What we look for


We're not here for incremental or boring projects. Our grants must make our moms scream!


An idea is nothing without execution! Show us it can be realized and we will help you with it.


It must be an idea that a random stranger heard about and will tell you about in the pub next door.

How it works

Submit your qualifying pitch though our online application form. The next submission deadline is March 17, 2018.

Join us on pitch night on March 21, 2018 when 5 shortlisted Amsterdammers will pitch their ideas to the trustees and the winner will be selected.

Didn't make the cut? Talk to the trustees on pitch night, hone your idea and apply again! Failure is just one step closer to success!

Join us


Awesome Foundation Amsterdam is made up of individuals who contribute their time and money to support awesomeness in Amsterdam. Each month 20 trustees get together and contribute €50 to the cause (adding up to the €1,000 that we give out as a grant). If you'd like to join us a founding trustee fill in the below form to get more information.

Become a Trustee